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Depths of Mingi Taw

Depths Of Mingi TawHey folks! Some of the artists at Capybara Games have done some Fan Art of “Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP” [link] in light of its PC (and Mac very soon) release on Steam [link] .

Superbrothers and Capy have also set up a tumblr featuring some Artwork from different artists (Like “Adventure Time”‘s Pendleton Ward!)
Click here to follow the Tumblr and submit your own fan art!!

Here’s my contribution! A little on the risky and macabre side!

Follow the tumblr for more awesome art from other Capy artists! And get the game!



  1. Cynaris

    This. Must. Be. Made. Into. A. Wallpaper.

    1920×1080 Can I haz plz? :]
    It’s beautiful.

    • Doh, I can’t edit it right now since I’m not home but if you click on the small thumbnail, you’ll get the 1920×1200 version! (I’ll upload a 1920×1080 version later)