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Machine Woes

I’ve had a really crappy week. I bought a new washing machine and dryer . On delivery day, I only got the washing machine and I had to cancel my plans for today in order to get the dryer. But to make things worse, the wall socket for the dryer plug has a fused prong from the old machine’s plug in it. So now I need to call an electrician. But it’s not that simple… the delivery company left the machine in front of the small closet where that plug is located… and there’s no way in except through a 5 inch hole on top of the machines. I can’t move the machine around because there is : a) no space b) one of the water hoses is fully extended. I also can’t disconnect that hose because it’s connected to the water supply that I can’t reach. at least I managed to convince them to come back and  uninstall it. Once I get the electrician, they’ll come back to re-install it. Also my stove doesn’t work… :(

Aaanyway, I’m working on a side project and I haven’t posted in a while so here’s something I scanned a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Michael

    Wow, dude, that kinda sucks. at least people aren’t trying to leave you high and dry.

    • Oh dude, you’ve no idea, my last 2 weeks have been a pain in the ass. My dryer socket’s still not fixed, the stovetop’s just busted. and well.. at least the fridge still works… gaaah! Good news though, I got some work done while I was away, I’ll have to show you once I finish some commishes