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Dragon’s Crown Amazon

Another addition to the growing Dragon’s Crown  fan art library.
Here’s the Amazon. I spent more time on this one than on the Sorceress. I guess this calls for a redo!






Here’s a quick evolution. Nothing special on this one. It’s your usual cell shaded picture.


  1. Fantastic artwork :)

  2. DoonkaNib

    Awesome job…, but I kinda wish you had placed a gratuitous specular on her butt cheeks. I -=HearT=- gratuitous speculars on but cheeks! That and diffused glows on butt cheek speculars. You don’t take requests, do you?

    • Haha, I also have a soft spot for gratuitous speculars but it must have slipped my mind :) I don’t take requests but if it’s something that I might find interesting, drawing it one day is not an impossibility.

  3. I love your Dragon’s Crown illustrations. You really nailed the Red Sonja chainmail bikini vibe for the amazon here. Nice work.